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Rates and Prices for Wild Hog Hunting and/or Lodging
Rates for Wild Hog Hunting & Varmint Hunting
(varmints are defined as Coyote and Bobcat)


Three (3) Day Hunts

  • The cost is $500.00 per hunter, FOR A (3) THREE DAY HUNT.
  • Each additional day is $125 per hunter.
  • Field Dressing, Skinning, and Quartering. $50.00
  • Large Cooler Is Available For Storage Of Meat


  • Lodging and hunting camp are $150.00 per day per group (not per hunter)
  • Hunters pay a booking fee in advance that is non-refundable, the balance is due upon arrival. All hunters are required to sign a “release” when you arrive and prior to hunting. Hunting Methods: Rifles, shotguns, bows, pistols and cross bows. You can hunt from our hunting blinds or stalk them. Climbing stands are not allowed. 

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East Texas Wild Hog Hunting. & East Texas Deer Hunting with Lodging!