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Welcome to M.Y. Ranch

No Game Fences - No Trophy Fee's

M.Y. Ranch Hunting Preserve is located in beautiful East Texas. M.Y. Ranch has been family owned and operated since 1915! The Ranch encompasses over 1,000 acres of rolling hills, pine and hardwood forest, fertile bottomlands, scenic roads, creeks and lakes. M.Y. Ranch is a great place to get away for your Texas Hunting Vacation with lots of wildlife and privacy for your group.

Texas Hog Hunting - Wild Hog Hunting  No trophy fees hog hunting

M.Y. Ranch has 12 or more game feeders and hunting blinds. M.Y. Ranch is NOT a GAME-FENCED ranch.

All  hogs are 100% wild and free ranging.  (NO hog pens and hogs are NOT trapped and NOT put in pens)

Each hunter is allowed to kill 3 hogs per hunter per day. This is not a “shoot and leave” or “pay more” hunting ranch. You are not paying by the pound, or paying a “trophy fee’. You are paying for the time you are here and hunting. 

Recreational Stay

 For groups that want to do more than just hunt.  This is a place for you to come and relax, hunt, ride around and experience the outdoors with your friends and family.  There are outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy
The price is for hunting and you are welcome to stay the entire time of the group booking. 



Make your reservations today! I personally invite you to call (NO TEXT) or email me and discuss what all we have available and plan your exciting hunting trip and vacation in East Texas. 

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Contact Information:
Phone: 936-544-2222 (no texting please)
Email: walter.myranch@gmail.com
or Fill out form under Contact us Page

Single Private Groups only!


Rates and Prices for Wild Hog Hunting and/or Lodging

Rates for Wild Hog Hunting and Varmint Hunting (Varmints are defined as Coyote and Bobcat)


Three (3) Day Hunts.


All hunters are required to sign a “release” when you arrive and prior to hunting.  Hunting Methods: Rifles, shotguns, bows, pistols and cross bows. You can hunt from our hunting blinds or stalk them. Climbing stands are not allowed. Our hunts are non-guided, I show you the ranch and you will have maps of the ranch, our roads and hunting blinds.

 Reservations and Deposit Required.


No Reservations without Deposits!!!
No Refunds
No Guarantees


Only a Limited Number of Hunts This Year.

Wild Hog Hunts Rates/Pricing
Wild Hog and Varmint Hunting 3 Day Hunts
 Note: Weekend Groups must have a minimum of 6 people.
$500 for 3 days **
$125 per Extra day Per Hunter**
Lodging and Camping per Night PER GROUP $150 per night for the group**
Field Dressing, Skinning, and Quartering $35 to $45**


** Prices subject to change

Walter Stewart Owner and Operator
M.Y. Ranch 854 PR 6000, Crockett, TX 75835
Email: walter.myranch@gmail.com
Phone: 936-544-2222 (NO TEXTing Please)
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